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My Life

A Few Things About Me  :)

I was L7 for Harborcreek FD when this was taken.

I am a Former Lt & Former Member of Harborcreek VFD.

However I am still currently an Emergency Med. Tech with

the Commonwealth of Pa., & STILL use my EMT Skills

even while I am at my work.

I have been an E.M.T.,  for almost 3 yrs now., but have been involved  the

Ems Service for 5 yrs total.  The 1st Service I Volunteered with was

Duquesne EMS ( near Pittsburgh Pa) I will be receiving

my Re-Certification very soon.

I currently work as a Communications Specialist (D.A. Operator)

for Verizon Communications.

(Sorry, I am not listed in the Directory, LOL)

My Husband  (Dave) is also an EMT/Firefighter, he has been

in the Fire/Ems Service for 20 yrs.

We have been together for 5 Years, & as of

July 15th, 2000. Dave & I were joined in Marriage.

Dave night rappelling

I have also worked with Mentally Challenged &

Physically Challenged People, for in which my

E.M.T. Skills wee required and used at some points

in my career also while working for EmergyCare

of Erie Co. Pa.

Being an Emergency Med. Tech opens a broad range

of opportunities with in the medical field.

When I got involved with Local Fire Dept, I was accepted

without a problem, but once I was appointed as LT for

the Squad, things had changed somewhat.  & Being a

Woman involved within the Local Fire/Ems Service, as

a Line Officer , Members (at least from what I have dealt with)

figure 'they could get away with things" . But that was changed,

when I gave respect towards others, that same respect was

given back.

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