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Meet  Some

My Family

I would like to introduce you to some

members of my little family.

Dave, Granma, and Me

This photo is of Dave ( My Husband), Granma & Myself.

Granma is Dave's Grandmother, she passed away in Dec. 1998

to her battle with Cancer. A very sweet & dear lady,

Granma, We Miss you.

My 3 Brothers

This bunch of guys, is my 3 Brothers

Jamie (right) Jerry (middle) David (left)

Growing up around my 2 older brothers,

(Jamie & Jerry) that was an off the wall

experience. My little Brother ( David)

may be bigger in size, but I am wiser

in age & thought.

 But they are my brothers,

what more can I say.   :)

My In laws

My Mother-in-law (Barb) & My Father-in-Law (Dad Rich)

They are both Retired Police Officers.

Barb runs her own Notary & Sec. Service @ home,

& Rich is a Supervisor for a Local Armor Truck Co.

They live about 35 minutes from us.


This Handsome young man, is my nephew

Francis Daniel. ( Frankie) His mom, her Finacee

and Frankie just moved up here to Pa, a few months

ago, from Fla.

Brain & Jessie

My 2 younger nephews.

Jessie (on the ground), Brian on top.

Brian and his family live in the Pgh Area.

Jessie was 12yrs old, when he died from a

Bike -vs- car accident about 2miles from

Our home. I just received my EMT Certs

approx 1 month prior to his accident.

My husband & I were at another local Fire Dept visiting,

when we heard the call toned out, I wanted to go so bad,

but when My husband got to the front door, he stopped

and looked at me and said "No We are not going."

I guess he kind of knew, something was not right about

that call.

We found out later in the evening,

that Jessie was gravely injured.

(Jessie, We Miss You with all Our Heart.)

Scott & Michelle

My Brother-in-Law Scott and

my Niece Michelle.

(Brian's Dad & Older Sister)

Some people say that "In Laws, dont get along"

But Scott is the Best Brother-in-Law

Anyone could ever ask for.

Dan (Pudige) my Brother-in-law at camp.

My sister-in-Law Kathy Fishing at Camp

My Brother & Sister in Law, (Dan & Kathy) at camp.

We camp with them every summer, and

always have a really good time together.

Dan & Kathy both have been really good

"Shoulders" for Dave & I when needed.