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Rappelling Photos ;)

Over this Past Summer, My Husband was taking a series of Rope Rescue

Classes for Our Local Fire Dept.  With little knowledge of

what was to transpire over the next few weekends,  My Husband

Volunteered Me to be their "Victim" for the Classes.

Needless to say, I NEVER RAPPELLED before!


Please give a few moments to load.

Going Over the 1st Time!!

My 1st Time EVER Rappelling.

65' FT above Ground.

Anyone coming down for ME????

Just waiting now for the scenerio

to start.

Karen , Bob, Jim

This scenerio consisted of Me being rescued, From a Ravine

on a Triple High-Line System. Karen (From Cresent VFD)

was doing the Rescue. Dan Moore (Cresent VFD) foreground,

Instructor Bob Barbarini.

Being Rescued

Strapped down and ready to go!!

Being strapped in,, as the "Rescue Crew" checks all rigging

and so forth. I was to be hauled from one side of 16 Mile Creek

to the other side, and back on a Double High Line Setup.

Going Across 16 Mile Creek

PJ Rescuing Me @ 16 Mile Creek Ravine

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