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Our Wedding Photos

These Photos were taken on Dave's & My

Wedding Day. July 15, 2000

Becky (My best Friend & Maid of Honor) & Me

Becky was my Maid of Honor. I was so nervous

but to have a "Wonderful" person as Becky

to help and keep me in tune for my Big Day.

(Becc, thank you very much  :)  )

Mom, Tina (My Older Sister) and Me.

This my Sister (Tina) and my Mom.

My Mom & Tina are the Pillars of my Strength.

David (My Youngest Brother) & Me

My Youngest Brother (David)

The Wild Crew

From Left to Right:

Matt, Joe, Jeff & Dan

Back Row:

Don & My Husband (Dave)

These Guys are Dave's Best Friends and

his "Pillar of Strength"

Ready for Some Cake??

Ok, Are We Ready?

Gotcha Honey!!!!!!!!!


Don & Dan: hey guys, thanks for telling

Dave to "Duck & Run"

I got Dave right in the nose!!

Ha Ha, (Sorry Honey)